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Tom Golden, LCSW, Author of Swallowed by a Snake: The Gift of the Masculine Side of Healing

“This book sings and will entrance, and inform you on many levels. Yes, it's a book about grief, but it is also a book about deep male friendships, communities, and much more. Its song reveals surprising connections between death and living, pain and Spirituality, and simply getting the most out of life. Extraordinary book.” 


A container for mourning the loss of a beloved spouse, the memoir NEVER STOP DANCING by John Robinette and Robert Jacoby explores genuine friendship between two men as one supports the other on a wide-ranging journey from grief to transformation. 4.7 of 5 stars. 

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Monday Morning Book Blog, B. Morrison, Author

It’s a remarkable book. John and Robert’s startling honesty and candor, holding nothing back, can’t help but open our hearts and ease our own empty places.

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Kathleen Garber, SMS Non Fiction Book Reviews

This book is gripping, I had trouble putting it down. ... I’d love to see this book picked up by a big publisher where it could be promoted more widely because it’s a worthwhile book.

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Author Anthony Avina's Blog

This novel was emotionally and beautifully written.  ... A truly well written, evenly paced read that challenges readers to examine life, the bonds they share with those they love and the painful truth behind grief that most self-help books and quick fixes won’t tell you. 

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Reader Reviews

Eric C.

I think what you and Robert have done is landmark work for men. Life can change instantly. Most men cannot process and express grief yet boldly document it. Thank you for doing what most men would find difficult... to be vulnerable and honest. 

Jack A.

...Where was this book when my son David died at 16?  Where was this book when my beloved Melissa died several years ago?  Where was it when I was trying to learn how to live?  Where was it?

This book should be available to everyone who is going through the trauma of losing a loved one.  And, not only losing someone, but it's a textbook on how to go through the process of recovering your life and living going forward – spiritually and emotionally.  A quote, in the book, from Shawshank Redemption: “Get busy living or get busy dying" - pretty much summarizes the book.

The most powerful book I’ve ever read, and I’ve read a lot of them.

I highly recommend reading it to help you pull through loss and trauma. AND, it is a must read for every book club out there.

Becky P.

Riveting and very powerful.

Amy H.

The friendship that the two men forged over the sharing of this story is a great model for other men who deeply need connection and the ability to share a safe space during profound loss. 

S. Mulhern

I read the book and absolutely loved it. It is an inspiration not only on how to deal with grief, but how to deal with the inevitable rough times that we all go through. 

Jenny K.

It’s well written, and compelling, and uncomfortable

Nicole L.

John’s book is such an amazingly open, heartfelt story of how he dealt with his traumatic loss and how he “put on his oxygen mask first” to get the help and support he needed to survive and thrive beyond this devastating loss. He offers all of us rich life lessons.

Carolyn S.

I highly recommend this incredible book. It is a deep, sensitive look into what grief is really about. If you ever have to deal with grief for yourself or a loved one, John and Robert show you the way.

Debby L.

I thought it was beautifully written … a courageous and unusual work. Nothing is left out of this book written by two men who love each other and are fearless as they grapple with the deepest darkest places any of us face. …filled with grief and pain but ultimately love and grace. … I am a reader who loves fine literature and wise books and Never Stop Dancing is both of those things. 

Sue M.

It was a very difficult, beautiful, emotional, and incredibly insightful book. I learned so much about  grieving and could relate to many of John’s sentiments.  Most importantly, the book is living proof that there is hope that love can survive.

Charlene G.

It's so honest and raw and a fitting tribute to Amy and the love they shared. It was also a glimpse into bureaucracy and red tape when a death isn't natural. 


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